Crazy for Camo

Happy Friday! Today I’m trying out a new print that I’ve always been hesitant on wearing, but it turns out I actually LOVE it: Camo.

To me camo, has always been such am intense print and seemed hard to pull of, but I found this jacket at Charlotte Russe and instantly fell in love. It’s a faded camo so it’s not so in your face and it’s a good place to start if you’re thinking of trying the print for yourself. I paired the jacket with a pale green dress and taupe booties. I think it’s the perfect effortless Fall look. Since this jacket I’ve bought about FIVE other camo things…I think I have a new obsession. Send help!


Dress 3x | Jacket 3x | Boots | Rings 

Photos by Hilary Mathie

  • items c/o Charlotte Russe. All opinions are my own.

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