Spring Fever

Spring has officially sprung! The weather is heating up which means pants are basically becoming obsolete and lighter options are making their way to the front of your closet. I've teamed up with Macy's and Refinery 29 to bring you my two favorite must have dresses that will have you ready for any occasion this Spring! … Continue reading Spring Fever

Street Style

Every now and then a jumpsuit comes a long that changes everything. This is one of those moments. Ringing in at only $35, it's my new favorite piece. I've been playing around with street style lately, mainly because it's so darn comfortable and that's what really matters for me. Comfort >> EVERYTHING. This jumpsuit from … Continue reading Street Style

Black Out

Today I'm wearing my all time favorite fashion color: Black. You literally cannot go wrong with head to toe black. I've been on this Rebdolls kick because if you've ever gone to their site you'd see that it's basically made with me in mind haha. I'm all about the sleekness. I also wanted to share … Continue reading Black Out