Hey babes! This year I made the choice to commit to the blog more and go back to sharing my favorite outfits with you here! As much as I love IG, I want a place where my content can live forever. Plus, I’ve really missed writing. So let’s kick off 2021 with a super adorable skater dress that I bought from BooHoo! I slept on them a lot last year because I just wan’t buying anything really… had nowhere to go. I still don’t, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add cute pieces to my wardrobe for when the time comes, right?

I feel like I lost all sense of style last year so when I saw this dress, I was inspired by how simple it is, while still looking interesting. It’s a long sleeve skater dress with cutouts in the top to make it look like 2 pieces. I’m a sucker for anything with cutouts so of course *adds to cart* The dress is a soft & stretchy ribbed fabric that hits just above my knees. I usually wear bodycon dresses so I’m not used to feeling air flowing around down there hahaha, but after accepting that my butt is NOT hanging out, I felt more comfortable in it. I’m wearing the size 20 and it is true to size on me. I will note that I didn’t wear the correct bra with it and it shows on the sides–I’d probably go strapless next time. (My all time favorite strapless bra)

I don’t wear a lot of accessories, so I styled the dress exactly as I would: shoes and earrings! Although it would look just as cute with a denim jacket and sneakers! This dress is really fun for a casual outing or a date1 And as always: WEAR A MASK!

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