Currently Swooning: Black Swimwear

Hey budget babes! It's currently 10pm on Tuesday night and I'm going through photos from my recent vacation. Majority of them are me in a swimsuit--a black swimsuit-- and it inspired me to do a quick post about all the black plus size swimsuits I'm currently obsessed with. Black is wardrobe staple for me so … Continue reading Currently Swooning: Black Swimwear

V-Day Your Way: Roses are Red

Red is the color of choice for today. This look uses the same jeans from the first one(too keep everything affordable), but they've been dressed up with this amazing red peplum top! I haven't worn too much peplum lately because I don't like really stiff peplums that stick out a mile, but I'm LOVE with … Continue reading V-Day Your Way: Roses are Red


I know you're probably thinking "Wait, doesn't L mean Little?" Normally, yes. In this post it stands for Long. This long black dress from Fashion to Figure is holiday party essential. It's elegant while still being very sexy. The slit up the left side makes it more than just a standard black maxi dress, and the lace bodice … Continue reading LBD