Let’s Talk Strapless ft. Lane Bryant

*This post is sponsored by Lane Bryant. All opinions are my own*

When it comes to bras, the staples are: t-shirt, sports, and strapless. And if got a nickel for how many times I’m asked where I get my strapless bras I wouldn’t even need this job anymore hahaha! The answer will always be the same: Lane Bryant.

I’ve purchased a majority of my intimates there for as long as I can remember. I currently own THREE strapless bras from them and the one featured in this post makes four. Lane Bryant bras last me YEARS, including their strapless. The one I’m wearing here is their Multiway Boost Strapless bra in black, size 40DD.

What I love about Cacique strapless bras compared to other brands is they don’t dig into my sides. I can comfortably wear it all day long…and then some. I’ve had other strapless bras are so rigid that they’ve left me with bruises and deep painful lines from digging. This one is insanely supportive without the pain. Worth every penny because I know this bra will last me at LEAST five years. The oldest one is 7 years old and still supports like day one.

Any time I wear an off the shoulder or a tank top, I HAVE to wear my cacique strapless. It stays in place, doesn’t roll and the garment doesn’t slide around on the fabric either. Here’s the bra styled a few ways with outfits you’ve seen on my page. You can see how awesome the support is!

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