Sweaters x Denim

Lately on Fridays I’ve been doing more casual looks while keeping things short and sweet… and today is no exception. This post features my favorite new sweater for Fall from Fashion to Figure. I love that my shape doesn’t get lost in the sweater. I did size down(I usually do when I buy sweaters) and I find that helps to avoid looking frumpy. This is sweater is very versatile–I’ve actually worn it to work with black slacks–because it’s a nice neutral color that can we paired with a lot of things. My favorite part is the neck. I love cowl necks in the Fall!

I kept this look casual with jeans and heels because I was heading to a family function. I wore a bracelet and pearl earrings to keep everything very delicate and soft. Enjoy!

grey04 grey03grey02grey00

Style Breakdown

Sweater(2x) | Denim(20) | Earrings | Bracelet | Shoes

Photography by Travis Dandoy

***All Items c/o FTF. All opinions are my own

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