Playing with Plaid

Today I will be trying a Fall favorite for the first time: plaid. I have been hesitant on wearing it because I know it go really wrong really fast. However if you’re wearing it for the first time like I am, I recommend paring it with a similar solid color. In my case, you can never go wrong with black.

The plaid vest I’m wearing is from Fashion to Figure and it’s actually not a heavy piece of clothing. It’s very light weight and comfortable. The dress is from FTF as well and I have to say that I think I’m a fan of the criss-cross openings now. It gives the look an edge, It’s not completely revealing, but it does show some skin. The dress is very comfortable and easily be worn without the vest, I just adored how the two looked together. This will not NOT be my last play date with plaid,



Style Breakdown

Dress(3) | Vest- Similar | Clutch | Shoes

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