Minty Fresh

This post is a HUGE step out of my comfort zone. There isn’t one piece of black clothing. Right?! STOP THE PRESSES! Don’t worry, I will always choose the dark side. However, this look actually made me feel like a different person. I usually feel sassy and powerful when I’m in blacks, whites and grey but this outfit made feel extra girly and perky. It made tap into my innocence (well, what’s left of it). At first I felt uncomfortable and wanted to rip everything off. While I was taking pictures I realized that it’s kind of nice to be smiley and giddy and twirl my hair! It’s a completely different vibe than my 24/7 sleek. I may not be wearing bright colors all the time, but I will definitely be more open to the possibility.

Let’s start with the skirt. It’s from Dolld Koture and it’s the most comfortable pencil skirt; it doesn’t slide up with you walk.For this look I chose to wear it high waist, but you can wear it lower if you want the skirt a little longer. The pictures do not do this skirt justice. The mint color is much more vibrant in person.

The Peplum top is from Boo Hoo. I originally got it because it looked like the album art of my favorite EDM artist, Zedd…And I can always use another peplum. This is the ULTIMATE girly shirt. The sleeves are capped and the peplum portion stays puffy because the shirt is made of scuba(a curvy girl’s best friend)! I added a white bag, simple gold jewelry and even cute little ankle strap shoes to finish off the look,

resizeResize2Resize5 Resize4 Resize3

Shirt | UK 24 | Boo Hoo

Skirt | 3x | Dolld Koture

Bag | Fashion to Figure

Ring | Fashion to Figure

Necklace | Similar

Shoes | Similar

Thank you Jolene for photos!

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