Perfect White Dress | For $20

Have you ever stepped out of your fashion comfort zone and just went for it? I did. The dress I’m wearing in this post I’ve scrolled past I don’t know how many times. I made excuses like “I won’t look good in an all white dress” or “I don’t wear swing dresses.” Then I thought: Why the hell not? It’s the best second guess I’ve ever done because I’m IN. LOVE. With this dress! I’ve always been a body-con kind of girl, but swing dresses are actually very flattering on my body. For the longest time I thought they would make me look pregnant, turns out it does the opposite. the major plus is the dress is only $20! Yes. That’s correct. The best $20 I’ve ever spent.

The dress I bought is from BooHoo and don’t let the long sleeves fool you! It’s a very lightweight dress and it’s softest piece of clothing I own. It’s not clingy, but quite stretchy so it hangs on the body beautifully. The great thing about swing dresses is they’re perfect for hiding tummies. If that’s a problem area for you, then swing dresses need to your new BFFs. The flare on the dress isn’t extreme so you’re safe if it gets a little breezy outside. As I mentioned before, BooHoo is UK sizing so I get a UK24, but I’m actually getting a US22. I like to size up on certain things because I’m never sure how they’re going to fit. I’m glad I sized up on the dress because it gave it some extra length. I’m 5’10” and the dress falls about 4-5 inches above my knee so I take length where I can it!

Since the dress looked a little boring by itself I added and denim vest and long necklace and a pair of sandals. this look is the perfect weekend whether you’re hanging with girls or going to BBQ (hint hint: the 4th of July)

whitedress4 resized whitedress3 resized whitedress2 resizedwhitedress5 resize

Style Breakdown

Dress (UK24) | BooHoo

 Denim Vest | Similar 

Shoes | Similar | 4th of July Inspo?

Necklace | Forever 21 | Similar

All Photos Taken By Lemon Heart Photography


7 thoughts on “Perfect White Dress | For $20

  1. taylor says:

    I don’t know my dress size, but my pant size is an 18, and bra size is 38 D would you say a 18 would be about right? I’m having a backyard BBQ wedding, and this would be perfect!

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    • curvesonabudget says:

      I got a size UK 24 which is the equivalent of a US20 and I could have gone down a size, but I sized up for length. If I were you, I’d get the UK 22 which is a U.S. 18. The dress is stretchy so there will be plenty of room. I hope that helps!


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