Spend Smarter Not Harder: 1 Top, 5 Ways

Greetings everyone! I’m very excited about this post to lets jump right in! As you know my main focus is showing you great fashion at any size for the diva on a budget. I’ve said this before, but I want to touch on it again. Being on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “poor” or “broke.” It means you have a plan and are strategic on how you spend your hard earned money. I have a great job and a 401k, but I just chose to be little more practical, that’s all. That being said I am NOT against the occasional splurge. I’ll be the first to say “Yes honey, buy that bag!” I also understand the bigger picture: spend a little less now to have a lot more in the future.

Going back to strategically spending money, when it comes to clothes shopping I do just that. I spend smarter, not harder. Meaning I know what I already have in my closet so I buy pieces that I can incorporate to make completely new looks. Not everything I have is brand new. There are times where I’ll buy an entire outfit, but majority of the time I’ll buy 1-3  different pieces that I can wear with multiple different things. This is the concept I used for this post.

The shirt I bought is from Charlotte Russe’s re-vamped Plus Size line. I only bought one item, but if you want to see more my blogger bestie Sometimes Glam wrote a fantastic post about it full of body positivity (read it here)! I bought the shirt because it was different and presented a challenge: What will I wear this with? It was sitting in closet for 2 days until I paired it with a maxi skirt over a swim suit. At that point the ideas started flowing in! The pieces I paired the shirt with are a mixture of old and new, with the new still being available. Enjoy!

The Original inspiration: Beach Goddess. This look started the domino effect that inspired the rest. It’s not your typical swim suit cover since it covers the top, not the bottom. It works for those who want to show off their legs without being fully exposed. I like it because it looks like it’s own outfit and being white, it can match with ANY swimsuit. I chose my brightest bottoms I have to pop against the white. These ones are Gabi Fresh!


Swim Bottoms are Gabi Fresh from Swimsuitsforall.com

To really give it the summer swim vibe I added a beach bag, a sun hat and my Anchor bracelet(the bracelet is old, but this works just as well!) This look is full blown beach glam guaranteed to have all eyes on you!


swimswim4swim3                                                                          *               *                *

Poolside to Seaside: This look screams summer, vacation, and resort! If you aren’t comfortable wearing only the top as a swim cover-up these palazzo pants from Forever 21 will pair just nicely. The pattern is small enough to make a statement without taking the attention away from the shirt. This look is versatile because it’s great for days at the beach, chilling by the pool and everything in between. The lightness of the shirt and pants make it summer friendly and the necklace(similar) adds an extra pop.



blue3blue (2)

*              *               *

Modern Marilyn: The flowy-ness of this top reminds me of the famous wind-blown dress picture of Lady Monroe we all know and love. This look is reminiscent of a more modern and casual Marilyn with the high-waist jeans, white shirt and a whole lot of curves. I wanted to keep everything soft and simple so I paired it with nude shoes and a coral necklace.


*              *                *

Fiesta Flare: A shirt with this much flare needs a skirt to match. Confession: I bought this skirt from Torrid when I used to work there and this is the first time I’ve ever worn it(here’s a similar one). I knew there was a reason I was hanging on to it! This look is perfect for a night/day out with girls. Since the dress and shirt are their own statement pieces I polished the look off with a simple Gold necklace. It’s a fun girly look that isn’t overbearing.



 *              *               *

Dainty Dukes: This looks has all of the frills! These are also the FIRST pair of shorts I’ve ever owned!!! They are high-waist shorts with a stretchy waistband so they’re quite comfy and can be found at Forever 21. Living in Arizona, I was NOT going to go through another summer in jeans. I know the focus is the shirt, but I couldn’t have picked a better “first pair of shorts” if I tried. My fear of shorts is the tightness around my leg when I walk or sit. These do none of that. The fabric doesn’t stretch, but it was made to lay on the skin not hug it. The flared leg openings are an added girly bonus. This is a great summer look when you want something light and effortless.


shorts shorts2 shorts3

Well there you have it! Five ways to wear 1 amazing top! It was a challenge for me, that’s for sure! So I pass the challenge along to you. Whether it’s a new piece of clothing or a piece you’ve had forever, how many ways can you style it? Think outside the box and get creative!

All photos taken by Travis Dandoy.

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