Curvy Little Liars

Happy Tuesday! Tonight is the Spring Finale of Pretty Little Liars and what better way to celebrate my favorite show than to show you looks inspired by my four favorite fashionistas: Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily. I know I’m not the only one obsessed with PLL fashion! I would LOVE to raid each of their closets! Depending on the day I draw inspiration from all four, but Hanna will always be my spirit animal. To me, her style is sexy glam. She always looks polished and statement pieces are her BFF. Hanna is the one most tuned into the fashion world. She said so herself, “I can give you an itemized list of what’s in each of our closets.”  Miss Marin may be my home girl, but the other three are equally as fabulous.

So here is my take on each style using clothes I already have in my closet.

Hanna Marin: Sexy Glam

Hanna always has a bangin’ blazer and she is not afraid to incorporate color into her looks. This aspect was a challenge for me because I don’t have a lot of color in my wardrobe. She is a fashion risk takers and succeeds every time.


Spencer Hastings: Sophisticated Elegance

Spencer makes sweaters, head bands, and knee high socks look exquisite. She is always ready for an interview. I chose to incorporate her love for riding boots, tight collars, and thin belts. Because I wanted to use clothes I already have, my inspirations didn’t come from season 1 Spencer, it came from Post A-Team Spencer. She dressed in darker colors, but maintained her collegiate style.


Emily Fields: Athletic Chic

Emily is all about simplicity and comfort. Her looks are always effortless and fun. Being the athlete of the group she doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on fashion, but always manages to stand out the most. When deciding on what I wanted to wear I made sure to keep everything low key. Nothing flashy or super girly.


Aria Montgomery: Gracefully Edgy

Aria, the girl with the mystical name with a wardrobe to match.  Aria always looks like a Gothic cupcake– meaning even though she is the only one who rocks skulls, there is still an innocence to her that the other girls don’t have. She has the darkest style, but is the only one who wears puffy skirts. I chose a more alternative look to bring out my inner Aria.


I hope you all enjoyed my interpretation of our favorite Liars. I would love to know which style speaks to you and how you integrate your favorite one into your everyday looks?
For more PLL fashion secrets follow the stylist herself on Instagram @mandiline !

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