Don’t Turn Your Back on the Duster Just Yet!

Greetings! Oh my goodness this post is my first post!!! And it’s all about the Duster Cardigan. When I first got it from Lane Bryant I had no clue what I would even wear it with. It was black and that was good enough for me! I saw a lot of people dressing it up and I thought “What about my girls who love jeans?” That’s when I decided I was going to keep it casual with a light blouse, dark jeans, simple accessories and comfy wedges. Keep in mind I’m 5’10” and I have heels on. If you’re shorter than me the duster will be a little longer on you. Since the Duster is it’s own statement piece I wanted to keep everything else very simple.Super simple and chic!

Altogether this looks costs under $90(not including the purse since it was a gift)! Fashion doesn’t always need to expensive. Don’t get me wrong, there are those times when you NEED to ball out on a piece of clothing: It’s the last dress and in your size…girl it’s meant to be!

Style Breakdown:

Duster(size 20)- Lane Bryant

Jeans(size 20)- Forever 21

Top(2x)- Forever 21

Necklace(old), similar- Forever 21

Shoes size 10- Torrid.

Purse is Coach.

_MG_2865 (3)

Don’t walk away yet! Whether you like it fancy or you like it casual you can work the duster into your look.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Turn Your Back on the Duster Just Yet!

  1. Marquita Daniels says:

    I have looked through your entire blog and love it you are so gorgeous! Wish you the best moving forward and look forward to your posts! Blessings beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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