Shopping for the Curvy Girl On a Budget

ShoppingToday’s post is all about…drum roll please… shopping!! Who doesn’t love to shop?! I’ll tell you who: my teenage self. Yes I’m only 24, but I remember the days when the options for plus size clothing were slim to none. The days when I wore straight leg stretchy jeans, men’s shirts, over sized T-shirts, and women’s shirts that I considered to be “old lady clothes.” For the record, let me just say that I pulled it off. I wasn’t thrilled about it, but I made wide leg jeans and a Backstreet Boys T-Shirt look damn good! I grew up in the 90’s, what can I say?

I have always been a big and tall girl so I recall not being able to shop in the trendy Juniors sections. To me, the Junior sections was the Holy Grail of clothes shopping and I was so sad that I couldn’t ever fit into anything.  There was DEB Shop (RIP), but I knew that store like the back of my hand and I wanted something more.

It wasn’t until after college when I walked into the Forever 21 at Arizona Mills Mall. That was my game changer. Being a curvy girl meant shops like that were strictly for buying accessories, right? Wrong. A sequinned top caught my eye and for fun I went over to check it out. I looked at the tag(prepared to disappointed) and it said ” Size 2X.” Did I read that right? Maybe it said “XS” and I need to get my eyes checked. Nope. It was a size 2X. The heavens opened up and the angels sang! I looked up and saw a WHOLE section of trendy clothes dedicated to curvy girls like me!

That’s when I knew I would no longer be stuck wearing the high waist jeans(not the cute kind), too big shirts and nothing with sparkle. From then on I knew I was destined for more stylish, shinier and affordable things. Skip to now: my catalog of stores has greatly increased and I want to share with you a few of favorites and why I love them. Click on the store names to go straight to their plus size sections!

Forever 21This one is a no-brainer. It was my gateway to the beautiful plus size world of fashion. Not to mention it’s affordable. I’m even lucky enough to live right across the street from one! Depending on my mood I can order online or go into a store. They carry both straight and plus sizes(1X-3X). Online always has a sale going on and they offer FREE Shipping for orders $50 and over. The in-store atmosphere is always great and the clothes are always on trend if you prefer to add a splash of hipster to your look. I also LOVE that their jeans are long enough and they don’t wear out in the thigh area! Being 5’10” with big thighs that’s a big deal for me. Yes, the clothes are extremely affordable, but with every thing: you get what you pay for. While everything has a nice price there are a few things I won’t get because I know I’ll only get a few good wears out of it. Overall, I enjoy their clothes and will always continue to stop there.

ASOSWhat isn’t there to love about ASOS? They are an online store that carries straight and plus size(14-24) with clothes to fit a variety of styles. Their price range does vary, but they do have a “sale” section full of accessories and clothes that are just as chic as their regular priced items. To me their clothes are true to size so I don’t need to size up or down. I only switch sizes if I want the garment to fit a certain way. They also offer FREE Standard shipping on orders over $40 and charge a flat rate of $4 for anything under the threshold. ASOS is the place I go when I want something different, still classy, but different.

Torrid: I know ya’ll are probably rolling your eyes thinking how over priced it is. Personally, I don’t think so. Maybe it’s because I was spoiled for over a year when I worked there and lived off the discounts(which are amazing). Torrid is the place I go when I do want to spend a little more money on a piece of clothing, however I will say that I never buy more then one or two things at a time there. I prefer to shop in-store rather than online because I love the staff and their jeans tend to be inconsistent. In one style I’m a 20 and in another I’m a 24. What?! The quality of the clothes does make up for the extra money you may have to shill out. Not to mention they always have a featured item or section on sale. AND because I love you guys….To help ease your minds, right now they are doing BOGO 50% on reg. priced items and BOBO FREE on Clearance. Not sure when it ends so now is the time to stock up on your favorite Torrid items! Bonus: They offer FREE shipping and returns to stores!

Alloy ApparelAlloy is my go-to for maxi dresses and skirts.What draws me in is A). The price and B). They carry ‘Tall’ on everything! You literally have the option to select ‘tall’ and it will tell you the measurements of that item. You can find straight and plus sizes( jeans 15-25, shirts 2X-3X) Even some of their clothes have been too tall for me, but that’s nothing a pair of heels can’t fix. Am I right? My only complaint is they don’t actually use plus size models to showcase the plus size clothes. So you have to imagine yourself wearing that item. Their shipping is a little different, it’s based on how much you spend. You can see the break down here. Currently they’re doing FREE shipping on orders over $75 with code: AVB.

G-Stage: They have more of a boutique feel without boutique prices! Their sizes range from 2X-3X all mostly being true to size. Their style is very fun and chic. This is where I come when I’m up for anything. I can buy clothes for work, play, clubbing and everything in between. I recently just placed and order with them  where I bought 4 items all for under $75! I got wardrobe staples: a blazer, and LBD, dress slacks , and a basic shirt. They have free shipping on orders over $70 so I feel like I got a lot for a little. Just how I like it.

Last but not least…

swimsuitsforall: I can’t say enough good things about them. When it comes to plus size swimwear they hit the nail on the head, carrying sizes 8-34. I got my first 2 piece from here. I know you may be as scared of a 2 piece as I first was, but girl they are so beautifully made that it takes all your fears away. I recently just bought a pink swimsuit from their Gabi Fresh line(see here) and I am in LOVE. I can’t wait to show you all! I love that you don’t have to buy each piece separately the price listed is for both, and you can select your size for each individual piece.  If the thought of a bikini still leaves a bad taste in your mouth they do carry one piece swimsuits that are just as sexy!  A sale is always happening so if you sign up for their notifications you’ll never miss out!

I know this was a lengthy post and I appreciate you for sticking around. My list of shopping sites/stores is actually much longer, but I figured I’d spare you the novel and just name my Go-To’s. If you have any questions or comments on any of the stores I mentioned please don’t hesitate to ask! I’d love to hear what your favorite plus size spots are!

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Stay Curvy.




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