Splash of Yellow

Happy Monday dears! I hope everyone had a fun filled or relaxing weekend. Today I am bringing a splash of color to my outfit, which happens to be one of Summer’s most popular colors: Yellow. While I may not be wearing a full on yellow jumpsuit, this little pop is perfect for me.

The dress is from Fashion to Figure(my new favorite place to shop) and it’s not just perfect for almost any occasion: weddings, date night, girls night, brunch…the list goes on. It’s also perfect for anyone with a waist, hips, legs and curves. AKA you! The print on this dress is the most flattering pattern I’ve seen in a long time. The extended hem gives the dress a fresh look and to offset the black and white they added the perfect yellow belt. Keep in mind I’m 5’10” AND have heels on so if you’re shorter than me the dress will fall at or below your knees making it work appropriate, which is a bonus!

dressdress2Dress5 dress4 dress3

Style Breakdown

Dress | size 3 | Fashion to Figure

Shoes | Payless – ON SALE!!!

Sunglasses | Similar

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All photos by Lemon Heart Photography

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