I don't do a lot of color on the blog or in real life. Black is my comfort zone and safe space. HOWEVER. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried red. Not just any red, but bright in your face red. I got this dress from Forever 21 last month and I've worn … Continue reading Red


Street Style

Today I'm going off my usual sleek beaten path and wearing something a little more "street." But I'm not going too far off because I'm still head to toe in black. I'm wanted to wear something for sporty chic babes. The entire look is from Charlotte Russe and is under $100! The dress is super … Continue reading Street Style

Black Out

Today I'm wearing my all time favorite fashion color: Black. You literally cannot go wrong with head to toe black. I've been on this Rebdolls kick because if you've ever gone to their site you'd see that it's basically made with me in mind haha. I'm all about the sleekness. I also wanted to share … Continue reading Black Out