Color Pop

I've been very tame when it comes to my pants or jeans, but this year my goal is to step out of my comfort zone hence why I'm wearing electric blue pants! Normally I would have kept scrolling because what would I wear bright blue pants with? The answer is literally anything.  Today's look is compiled … Continue reading Color Pop

White Christmas

Where I live, it's nearly impossible to have a white Christmas, but I think I've created the perfect look to make up for a Christmas without snow. It's my first all white look and it's super festive. My favorite part of this look is 100% the peplum top. I know people are ready for peplum … Continue reading White Christmas

Stay Cozy

A Saturday blog post, what?!?! Yes. I realized there were some thing I haven't posted yet that I didn't want to go to waste. In this case, it's a Fall look that is not only simple, but super comfortable. The dress is from UK brand Yours Clothing and it's absolutely perfection. The fabric is soft … Continue reading Stay Cozy