That’s a Wrap

Since my previous post I've been heavy into wraps lately. I'd ever worn one before last time and I'm wondering what took me soooooo long! They're like the miracle garment! So soft and cozy! Today's look is very East Coast chic and sassy. I feel like the only thing missing was leather gloves. The wrap … Continue reading That’s a Wrap


Dark Summer Florals 

Hey budget babes! I just couldn’t stay away from black, but in my defense there are flowers on it so it works right? I figure of you love wearing black as much as I do and aren’t into bright floral patterns then this look is perfect!I’m dressed head to toe in Charlotte Russe+ (except my … Continue reading Dark Summer Florals 

Denim x Dates

Today’s post is for my casual girls who prefer jeans over everything. Lately I’ve been a little too casual for my tastes. I’ve been wearing all black, all day every day because my motivation to do anything has dwindled drastically. Sooo I figure I should bump up my casual game and go for something a … Continue reading Denim x Dates