Lacy Details <3

This post is sponsored by Lane Bryant. All opinions are my own


Hey babes! So I often talk about what to wear on the outside to feel more confident or sexy or just comfy. But rarely have I talked about what I wear under all of that. Today is that day because the foundation is the most important part of an outfit, a mood, everything.

People can pull confidence from anything- a song, a show, a picture, trying something new, you name it. This pink lacy set from Cacique is where I’m pulling mine from. There’s just something powerful about slipping into so beautiful. When I first put it’s on, the first thing I noticed was the immediate support of the Balconette Bra. Like, I know I have cleavage, but I didn’t know I had cleavage cleavage! Being that I’m a 40DD, it’s rare to find a supportive bra that’s comfortable and this sexy. It just really doesn’t happen so I’m suuuuper impressed. Next thing I noticed was the lovely lace details and how the pattern just enhanced my body shape without being a distraction.

Moving down from the bra, we get to the bottoms. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I wore a thong. 1) with all the jiggle I have they end up rolling down or cutting into random spots. 2) they’ve never been comfortable because[see point 1]. But let me tell you something…when Lane Bryant designed this lace thong, they had a woman with a real stomach, hips, jiggle, a big butt in mind. The front coverage and support in the front matches that of my regular undies. I get it’s a thong, but I don’t feel exposed in the front and my stomach feels under control. The coverage extends to the back a little bit before transitioning into the thong style. Even the actual thong part is cute and not just a string. If all thongs were made like this, it’d be all I would wear haha.

And just to complete the whole look at peak sexiness, I added a black chiffon lace robe. I love that it’s not totally opaque in case you wanted to take it up a notch and wear nothing under it 😉


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