A New Standard of Sleep w/ Big Fig

Hey babes! I’m just going to jump right into it because I’m soooo excited–Big Fig sent me a new mattress made specifically for the plus size body and I’m obsessed. Like obsessed OBSESSED. When they delivered it, it was a hole white glove experience. The gentleman brought it in piece by piece, un wrapped it, set it up and took the boxes/wrapping it came in.

Super excited about this Big Fig collab! A) because I’ve been needing a new mattress since the 7th grade basically and B) because the amount of sleep I’m getting these days is absolutely glorious. Not just me, but my boyfriend who’s back is more sensitive than a flower pedal has not complained ONCE about waking up with a sore back and we both sleep completely through the night. We went from a squeaky old queen size bed to a luxurious thick(thirteen inches to be exact) California King…and we’re never going back.

What makes the Big Fig mattress so special is that it’s literally built for plus size people aka ME and from night one I already knew I would love this bed. Fast forward to night ninety and I’m absolutely in love. I don’t have springs poking me, it’s super quiet(if ya know what I mean), it keeps us cool and has the perfect balance of firmness and squishiness. I like a softer bed and he would sleep on a wood slab if he could and we both agree that this mattress magically accommodates both of our preferences. Also going from a queen to a Cali King made such a difference. We are wild sleepers and just amount of space we have to flail and roll without disturbing the other person is amazing. There’s space on the bed for the whole family–me, the bf and most importantly, the dog who somehow takes up the most space.

Some quick & important info about the mattresses, they range from a size twin through California king and you have the option to choose what size foundation you’d like which is important. The foundation is free and optional, however I think it’s a must if you want to have the full Big Fig experience. Big Fig uses high quality materials–I could tell immediately when he unwrapped it–that keep you cool, supported, and comfortable. They offer a twenty year warranty that covers the mattress and the foundation.

Honestly, I can’t say enough great things about this mattress. Being plus size 100% of my life I can confirm that getting a good nights sleep is a struggle. Before this new bed, I don’t remember the last time I woke up well rested, slept through the night, not grumpy. I also don’t remember when the last time was I felt like I needed a nap in the middle of the day. It sounds dramatic, but this mattress has really changed the way I sleep and has set a new standard of sleep for me.

Now enjoy these pics of me and Izzy because she loves the bed just as much as we do! ❤


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