Upgraded Sweatshirt

Hey babes! “Fall” has finally happened in Arizona, by that I mean I’ve been able to keep my windows all day and night for a full week so I’m taking full advantage of this cooler weather. Lately I’ve been mostly wearing sweatshirts(currently wearing one as I type), specifically oversize sweatshirts because they’re just so easy and I hardly leave my house which means I’ve had plenty of time to search the web for more sweatshirts to buy haha. I’m happy to report that I’ve in fact found a new shirt, putting all others to shame. Warning: this sweatshirt isn’t for the faint of heart. If you buy it, you promise to be extra AF at all times, that’s the rule.

The top in question is a beautiful, sparkly, purple, sequined, oversized sweatshirt from ASOS. When I originally bought it, it was $151, but it’s now on sale for $68 soooo y’all are getting a huge discount. I’m almost jealous. You’re welcome. Keep in mind that it os oversized so if that’s what you want order your size, if not, size down. I ordered my size (18) and it’s definitely oversized and I LOVE IT! For once the sleeves on a long sleeve top are long enough and the sequins help it to hang nicely on my body. Since the top is so sparkly, I wanted to dress it down a tad with some distressed jeans and deep purple heels. The jeans and heels came in some previous Stitch Fix boxes, so if you use them(and you should) send a note to your stylist letting them know you want these pieces. The jeans are by Liver Pool and they’re the Ankle Skinny Fairmont Destructed. I also wanted to note that the shirt comes with little distress tears as well!


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