It’s a SONCY thing

Hey babes! Today the blog gets to meet a new brand! How exciting!!! If you’ve been following my IG you’ll know that earlier this month a new plus size brand has popped up on the scene: SONCY. They are a fresh take on plus size fashion while offering sizes 10-30, which is major for a first time launch. All pieces are under $100 and they offer a VIP program where you pay $39 and for the entire year you get 30% off everything AND free shipping. I mean…if you haven’t left this blog post yet and went to their website, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. And while you’re on their site take note of the model diversity–every shape is represented, some have tattoos. SONCY clearly did their research, learned from other brands’ mistakes and did everything right the first time.

If you’re still here, let’s get to the good stuff. So they sent me a few pieces to style for their launch and even before I shot these, I was out wearing them.

The first look you’ve seen on the gram before, but I wanted to talk about the fit and break things down a little more on the blog. I’m wearing their Cut the Mustard wrap top in a size 2 and their Nautical or Nice palazzo pants in a size 2(18/20). Their sizing is very similar to Torrid and the size guide is pretty accurate. From there it just all depends on how you want things to fit. Honestly I’ve worn this top 5 or 6 times since receiving it. The color is beautiful and I get a ton of compliments in it. It is a true wrap top and can be worn on or off the shoulder. The pants fit like a dream and are actually long enough. I usually have to be careful with wide leg pants for a couple reasons: 1) they’re almost always too short so I just look weird and 2) my thighs eat them up every. single. time. I didn’t choose the thick thigh life, the thick thigh life chose me. The pants are lined until the knee and it stops them from getting lost in the sauce AKA these thighs. So I’m not needing to stop and tug every 17 seconds. I could probably run a marathon and they still wouldn’t ride up. Also, these pants have a matching cropped wrapped top!


Next up on our SONCY journey we have their Zip-It off shoulder dress. I’ve actually wanted a dress like this for a long time, but couldn’t find one. I’m wearing a size 2 and there’s still plenty of stretch. Both zippers are fully functional so if you really wanted to have them meet in the middle you could. Also the shoulders were cut wide enough so it’s impossible for them to roll up.



This last look you guys got a sneak peek of on the gram too. I’m wearing the same mustard crop, I swapped out the pants for their I Seriously Dot That printed skirt in a size 2. Now y’all know I NEVER wear polka dots, but something about this skirt drew me and I’m sooooo happy I asked for it. The back of the waistband is elastic and all the buttons on the front are fully functional as well. I feel like this would be a great fall skirt with some booties and a sweater. In the meantime I’m absolutely wearing this all summer long because look at that slit. It won’t look this drastic on everyone, but the way my hips are set up…and I love showing some thigh meat.



I’m super excited to see SONCY flourish and be part of the movement because they truly believe in fashion for every BODY. And did I mention they have accessories and bags too?? Okay brb, I’m gonna go shop their website. Byeeeeeee!


*Items c/o SONCY. Post is sponsored. All opinions are my own*

2 thoughts on “It’s a SONCY thing

  1. JK says:

    OMG OMG OMG This is major! Love all 3 looks! Those polka dots! Yes!! Will have to check them out. Love they size like Torrid cause that’s where I usually do majority of shopping other than Stix Fix which you turned me on to them a while back. Thanks for sharing this info! How exciting! Keep being so beautiful and colorful! Always makes me smile! 🙂

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