Don’t Just Take Care of Your Skin, Baby It.

Today I’ve partnered with Johnson’s Baby to prove to you that you’re never too old to give your skin some TLC with Johnson’s Hand and Face Wipes, no matter busy your life is.

For as long as I can remember, my skin care routine has been anything but a routine. Some days I’ll remember to wash my face, other days I won’t. Mix that with constant sun exposure and layers of beauty products daily because of my job, the only thing that’s consistent is how harsh I am with my skin. It’s time I’ve handled my skin with a little more care.

Johnson’s Hand and Face wipes aren’t just for babies anymore. As an adult it’s just as important to keep as many harsh chemicals off of our skin as possible. These wipes have quickly become a fav in my beauty routine because not only do they gently remove my makeup, they also help remove 95% of dirt and germs from my skin. Leaving it fresh and clean without any residual chemicals or scents.

Even though I mainly use them for my face, they’re compact enough so I can carry an extra pack in my purse in case I get something on my hands or need to wipe something down. It’s easy to just grab a wipe and clean up really quick!

It’s time we started babying our skin y’all. It’s the only one we’ll ever have and it deserves all the love in the world ❤ For limited time you can baby your skin too with $1 OFF 1, $2.50 OFF 2 for products with this coupon.


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