Solid Gold Baby

Hey lovelies! Today I’m trying velvet! It’s a trend I’ve never tried before so of course I have to go 100% and start with a gold velvet dress. Why not, right?

This a huge step out of my comfort zone because I don’t typically wear tan/brown/gold bodycon dresses because I feel like it looks too nude, but I am absolutely loving how it looks. The velvet looks so smooth and it hugs my body perfectly. I was a little worried about how high the slit would come up, but I’m 5’10 and wearing 4in heels and it hits me perfectly. The dress is really stretchy too and doesn’t slide around over my spanx. Yes I am wearing spanx, as I always do when wearing a bodycon. I usually wear the High Power Shorts in black in a 2x.

Since the nights are getting a little colder(except in Arizona…), I threw a leather jacket over my shoulders. This jacket happens to be from FTF last year, but I’ll link a similar jacket below. Also I need to add that the dress is UNDER $18. The quality is phenomenal and it looks like it costs waaaay more.


Dress(3x) | Jacket-similar | Spanx(2x) | Shoes-similar


Photos by Nola Mangum

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