Loving My Curves with #PlaytexPositivity

This post is sponsored by Playtex intimates. All opinions and views are my own.


Something magical happens when you bring three amazing women together in a positive space to celebrate their bodies and each other while wearing the new Playtex Love My Curves collection. Especially when one of those badass women happens to be your best friend, soup snake, and soul mate–Crystal Coons of Sometimes Glam.

POSTS_MASTER_Playtex Positivity_Social_Posts_NEW2 

The Playtex Love my Curves collection pays attention to comfort while still keeping the sexy factor. This was the first bra I wasn’t excited to take off at the end of the day and the panties didn’t roll when I sat down, which for me, is unheard of. My favorite part of the Incredibly Smooth T-Shirt Underwire Bra in black is it still provides ample lift while still maintaining comfort and sex appeal. Usually I have to sacrifice comfort for sexiness or vice versa. In this bra, I don’t have to. This is literally the ultimate t-shirt bra—it has amazing support, it’s super lightweight and comes in other colors.


Having the opportunity to do a project like this with my best friend took our friendship to a whole new level. Crystal and I are not touchy-feely people by any means and to be in a space where it was encouraged and to see my best friend in her element completely turned us into putty hahaha. Sappy melty putty. On a serious note though, it’s important for women to empower each other because in a world that’s constantly telling you to change, we need to resist and remind each other that we are beautiful, that we deserve the best, and that we are enough as we are. Positivity is contagious and it can drastically change someone’s outlook on life. I’m lucky to have a partner in crime to who keeps me lifted amid all the hate.


Since starting my self love journey, I get openly excited when I see other women embracing their bodies. When I’m out dancing and I see another plus size girl gettin’ down on the dance floor next to me I’m like “yassss queen work it!!” because for a long time I didn’t fully let go when I went out. I was afraid of taking up space or drawing attention to myself because I was self-conscious. I know what that self-acceptance struggle feels like. So, when I see another woman being carefree I get genuinely happy and excited because I know what it took to get there. That was the exact vibe of the entire day with Playtex campaign. Just happy women cheering on other women.

 POSTS_MASTER_Playtex Positivity_Social_Posts_NEW1

In these shots I was wearing the Playtex Love My Curves Beautiful Lift with Embroidery Underwire Bra. This bra literally turned me into a new person. I didn’t wear or even own a white bra before this day, but this one made me feel so sexy and confident. It was like really comfortable lingerie and when I wear it out, it’s like a secret that only I know. 

 ASHLEY PICSArtboard 1

When it comes to bras the main issues I have are the pinching/digging into my sides and the band rolling as the day goes on. The Playtex Love My Curves collection bras addressed all of these issues. I wasn’t constantly tugging at the sides or doing the “grab & lift” to get support. Once I put it on, it stayed smooth and gave me lift all day long. The Playtex Love My Curves collection absolutely caters to every day style. My personal style is either relaxed or sleek and sexy and I usually have to sacrifice lift when I want to be relaxed or sacrifice comfort and smoothness when I want to be sexy. The Playtex brand  took all these factors into consideration in their Playtex Love My Curves collection so I won’t have to choose between lift, shape or comfort. I can find all of those things in one bra. The only decision I have to make now is black, nude, print, or lace!


I challenge you to post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and share how you will spread #PlaytexPositivity by lifting up and complimenting a friend, a stranger, a colleague, or family member using the hashtag!


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