Cool, Black, & Sleek

So yesterday was August 1st, it was breezy all day in Arizona and my pre-Fall senses were tingling. So naturally I prance around in head to toe black with faux leather leggings. Turns out that was an over reaction because it was still 105 degrees. After a slight heat stroke, I decided to table that look and save it for when it’s actually Fall. But I don’t see any harm in sharing it with you for some pre-Fall inspo.

The look is super simple that has some added edginess and sexiness because of the sleek faux leather leggings. The leggings have a ton of stretch and the length is perfect. The top is a knotted jersey tee with a high-low hem.  It’s super soft and stretchy and the knot doesn’t come up too high, but if you don’t want your stomach to show wear a tank top or bodysuit under it like I did. Each piece is from Forever 21 and I’m wearing a size 3x both. I paired it with silver accessories and black heels.


Top(3x) | Leggings(3x) | Heels-similar | Sunglasses | Shapewear

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