Easy Breezy

We’ve finally reached triple digit temperatures in Arizona and since walking around naked isn’t a legal option…I’ve found the next best thing: A lightweight, flowy, colorful maxi dress.

I’ve owned this dress for one week and have already worn it three times. I saw this ASOS dress on Gabi Fresh a few weeks ago and was immediately obsessed because it looked really long. Being almost 6ft tall finding a TRUE maxi dress is a task and this one rose to the occasion. It’s actually a little too long making it perfect to wear with heels! The heels I’m wearing are 3in for reference.

It’s a step out of my normal style zone since it’s not body-con, but that’s exactly why I fell in love with it. It’s 105 degrees out–the last thing I want is anything clinging to me, trapping heat and making me sweat. Not to mention the colors are bright and summer friendly.


ASOS Maxi Dress(20) | Clutch(similar) | Necklace(similar) | Shoes

Photos by Travis Dandoy

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