V-Day Your Way: Roses are Red

Red is the color of choice for today. This look uses the same jeans from the first one(too keep everything affordable), but they’ve been dressed up with this amazing red peplum top! I haven’t worn too much peplum lately because I don’t like really stiff peplums that stick out a mile, but I’m LOVE with this darling flowy business. I also like that this has sleeves and a “choker.” I’m wearing a size 3 but I should have sized down. Even though I’ve lost weight I’m still nervous about taking the leap and sizing down in case it doesn’t fit. Shoes and accessories are the same to maintain affordability. This look is perfect for a comfy date with you and bae or even a fun double date!


Top(3) | Jeans(20) | Clutch | Shoes 

Photos by Nola Mangum

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