That’s a Wrap

Since my previous post I’ve been heavy into wraps lately. I’d ever worn one before last time and I’m wondering what took me soooooo long! They’re like the miracle garment! So soft and cozy! Today’s look is very East Coast chic and sassy. I feel like the only thing missing was leather gloves.

The wrap I’m wearing today is from Fashion to Figure (I think it’s sold out BUT they have a TON of other wraps!) who has been my wrap destination. All the ones I’ve gotten from them have been phenomenal so I’m scared to go anywhere else haha!

This is also the first time I’ve ever worn over-the-knee boots! The ones I’m wearing are also from Fashion to Figure. I feel like they set the standard for over the knee boots for plus size girls. The “over-the-knee” part has an elastic drawstring so it fits comfortably without sliding down. And for the record I have THIGHS. Like THIGH MEAT and they fit. They definitely kept in mind that not all thighs are made the same. I made the look exrta warm for my winter babes by wearing the boots over denim. The boots are suede so they’re super warm.


Wrap-Similar | Top | Denim | Boots | Hair 

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Photos by Star Rollins

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