Sweater Weather, kind of.

Sweater weather is approaching (unless you live in AZ) and I wanted to do a look that still practical even if the leaves haven’t changed colors yet. I recently went to Lovesick to pick up some Fall essentials and came across this Tan sweater and instantly felt cozy inside. I pictured myself curled up on my couch watching Netflix in it,  sitting around a fire drinking hot cocoa or walking through a pumpkin patch. That’s when I knew I needed this sweater. There’s just something about slouchy sweaters that makes me so happy. It also comes in Olive green, but I felt like I could do more with the Tan.

This look simple and cute by wearing a soft pink top from Forever 21 tucked into the Curvy Skinny Jeans from Lovesick. Which by the way, fit like a dream! They’re skinny all the way down to the ankle and the ripped knee is just enough. I’m wearing a size 22, but I bought these a few months ago so I think I could size down now. The waist is really stretchy too! I wore flats because I was going somewhere after shooting and I actually wore this out because it was so comfy! The sweater isn’t too heavy which makes it perfect for wearing during the day.


Top(3x) | Sweater(2) | Jeans(22) | Shoes | Necklace | Shapewear

I’m wearing the 20″ Super Deluxe clip-in hair extensions in Espresso from My Fantasy Hair.

Photos by Star Rollins

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