Black Out

Today I’m wearing my all time favorite fashion color: Black. You literally cannot go wrong with head to toe black. I’ve been on this Rebdolls kick because if you’ve ever gone to their site you’d see that it’s basically made with me in mind haha. I’m all about the sleekness.

I also wanted to share with you all since, I’ve gotten questions on it recently. Over the Summer during my unplanned hiatus, I lost 45 pounds. It wasn’t intentional. It was a mixture of stress and emotions and it kind of just happened. I loved my body 3 months ago and I still love it now ❤

Today’s look features their Formation Front Zip dress and their Black Sapphire Satin coat. Yes I said satin. Satin bombers are cute, but Satin dusters?? YES PLEASE. Might I add that it also comes in gold and red! Because I am all about keeping it simple I put the duster over the dress and added my favorite nude heels. This is the perfect night time Fall look. Even the dress on it’s own is absolute perfection.


Dress(2x) | Satin Coat(3x) | Shoes-similar | Shapewear(3x)

Photos By Star Rollins

*Items c/o Rebdolls. All opinions are my own*

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