3 Dresses ft. Gwynnie Bee

Hey budget babes! You all know I’m always down for a really good deal or a practical way to spend my money. So you can understand why I’m so excited about Gwynnie Bee! For a monthly subscription fee you can rent a basically a new wardrobe every month. To me, the best part is I can try new brands I’ve never even heard of and always have new clothes without losing closet space. It’s a revolving closet door at your finger tips and if you get attached at an item you can buy it for less than retail price and return the pieces you didn’t want. They carry sizes 10-32 so no one is excluded! I recently got three dresses from them that I can incorporate into my everyday life: The office, Date night and Weekend casual.

The Office: The dress I’m wearing is by JETE and it’s the perfect workwear dress for me. It offers me a chic alternative to black slacks, black top, black blazer. The fabric is scuba knit so its stretchy an comfortable.



Date Night: This dress is by one of my favorite brands City Chic. I’ve never encountered a bad fit with them. It’s the epitome of date night dresses. It’s pink, floral and strapless. It gives my body a really nice shape and tulip cut in the front is absolutely darling. A few things to note: 1). The neck line is lined with a rubber material to keep it from sliding don, 2). th bodice is lightly boned for extra structure and 3). IT HAS POCKETS!!! You guys know I’m a sucker for a dress with pockets.




Weekend Casual: This final dress by Rd Style snd it shows off one of my favorite asset: me legs! On the weekends I like being a little more casual, but still chic. I actually wore this dress while I was hanging with some friends at a BBQ this past weekend. I dressed it down even more by pairing it with a hat and minimal accessories. Oh and…THIS DRESS HAS POCKETS TOO!!!


You can try Gwynnie Bee free for 30 days here! I promise you’ll be as obsessed with it as I am.

Photos by Travis Dandoy

*Sponsored post by Gwynnie Bee. All opinions are my own*

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