Summer Giveaway!! 

Happy Friday! So today is a good day for a few reasons. 1). I just hit 150k Followers on Instagram! Thank you to everyone for your endless support! 2). I’m going to share something with you guys that I’ve been trying for a few months. 3). THERE’S GOING TO BE A GIVEAWAY STARTING TODAY!!
So I recently started getting laser hair removal because it’s something I’ve always wanted to try and I’ve heard great things about it form people very close to me. I decided to take the plunge with Simplicity Laser and have two 18 month memberships (one for each section). The two areas I’ve been getting done are my legs and my Brazilian area. I chose the lower legs because, duh. And I chose the Brazilian because I wanted to step (more like leap) outside of my comfort zone. I also wanted to share my experience as a bigger girl getting this kind of procedure done and any pain involved.
Let’s start with the legs. Your legs need to be shaved and smooth the day before or the day of because it will reduce or even eliminate pain. I’ve discovered that when people say their laser removal hurt, it was because they have stubble or missed a spot. For me, my legs were PAIN FREE, with the exception of one spot on my right ankle where I missed. Even then, the pain was 1 out of 10. They do the front, side, and back of your legs up to the knee. Since laser removal works BEST on black, dark brown, brown hair. I noticed a difference after my first 2 appointments. My body hair grows back slow anyways, but I can tell it’s growing back extra slow and in some places not even at all. Yesss! If you’re wondering about laser the laser process, I think legs are a great place to start.

Now on to the Brazilian. A Brazilian is front and back. I opted out of the back because mentally, I’m just not even there yet. The front part of a Brazilian is on and in(a little bit). When I made the choice to have that area go under the laser, I wasn’t worried…until the day before my appointment. I watched a video on YouTube of this girl’s face while she was getting a Brazilian laser and she acted like she in a torture chamber. I was freaked out. I was also worried because no one but my boyfriend and sometime gyno ever sees that area. So I had to prep myself mentally for someone who was about to put a laser between my legs AND if they’ve ever done this on a big girl. I mean, I have a stomach and unless I’m doing the splits I DO NOT have a thigh gap. I Remember watching an episode of KUWTK and Kim said she lays out all of her insecurities before any photoshoot so she feels 100% comfortable. I took that same principle and applied it to my appointment. I let the woman know this was my first time and if she needs me to hold anything for her I will. Having that talk with her beforehand helped tremendously, and for me personally, it also helped that she was a bigger girl too. I feel like maybe she can relate to what I was going through.
The process of the Brazilian was also pain free. As I mentioned, unless you missed a spot there should be no pain. They laser on, around (bikini line), and in so make sure you shave accordingly. I will continue to keep you updated on the progress as the months go by. If you’ve ever gotten laser hair removal, let me know what you thought in the comments below!
Now for the fun part! I’ve actually teamed up with Simplicity Laser to give one of my followers an 18 month membership for one area of their choice! To enter:
1. Must be following me on Instagram @curvesonabudget13
2. Must be following @simplicitylaser on Instagram
3. Comment what area you’d want done on the Instagram promo photo 
5. Contest will end Friday July 29th

4 thoughts on “Summer Giveaway!! 

  1. Fashion Schlub says:

    That’s so interesting that you had to shave prior. So it’s not really “hair removal,” it’s more like…hair KILLING, so it doesn’t come back.

    Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be going for a Brazilian. Ever. You are far braver than I 🙂 I’ll just continue to wear bathing suits with little skirts, thank you very much.


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  2. Wangui says:

    Loved this post. I always wanted to get this done myself and as a bigger girl, I have similar insecurities. I like your idea on telling all your insecurities at the beginning of the appointment and basically keeping it real lol. I also did NOT know to shave BEFORE going to a session to decrease the pain. So valuable. Thank you.

    Wangui from

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