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Cut It Out. 

I’ve had this swimsuit for a few weeks now because even though I feel confident for the most part, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to actually post it. I mean it’s just a swimsuit right? I figured if I could rock a two piece then this cut out one-piece should be a breeze. That’s when I realized I no longer had my biggest fan by my side supporting me when I would get these feeling of self-doubt. For 4 years he told me every day I was beautiful and never stopped believing in me.
I know my self-love journey is far from over but this shows how far I’ve come. I didn’t even used to wear swimsuits let alone post a full body photo while wearing one. Now I’m wearing and actually LOVING my body in this sexy cut out one piece. For me, the first step in moving forward is to challenge myself and step outside of my comfort zone. To stop listening when people say I should cover up. It’s hard, but with everything in life, it gets easier with practice. There will be good day and bad days, but it’s how you handle the bad days that matter. Today was a win for me and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. To those struggling in the self-love department, don’t give up. Be patient with yourself. I promise it gets better. And if you have someone supporting and loving you along the way, don’t let them go.
So cut it out. Stop putting your life on hold because you’re waiting for something to happen. Go make it happen. Go ask that guy on a date, go buy that dress you’ve been eyeing, cross something off your bucket list.
But let’s not forget about this swimsuit! Gabi Fresh made one hell of a swimsuit. I’m wearing the size 20 because I was more concerned that it fit the top rather than the bottom and it fit’s both places rather well. It doesn’t cut into my hips like I thought it would. It hugs but it doesn’t cut. There is underwire in the top so you won’t fall over or under. I love this suit so much that I’m not even worried about the tan lines anymore. Now I just need it to be in every color.*cough cough* Gabi please!

Thank you Crystal Coons for the amazing photos !

9 thoughts on “Cut It Out. 

  1. Oh wow you look absolutely beautiful and you are totally rocking this!!!
    Hubby tells me I’m beautiful everyday but i still have no confidence and cover up always…even in the middle of summer!!
    Thank you for being an inspiration and definitely keep doing what you’re doing xx

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