Pink, Green and Déjà Vu

Happy Friday! I hope you all enjoyed the full week of Barbie Collection looks as much as I did. I think Torrid and Barbie did a fantastic job creating the collection, maintaining versatility, and finding the balance between classic girly Barbie and the everyday woman. The overall tone of the collection is summer festival so the pieces are light and flowy with hints of bell sleeves and crochet. Like I said in an earlier post there truly is something for every style and body type so if you haven’t gone to check it out yet, I encourage you to because you may surprise yourself. Today I’ll be showing my final three looks and you may experience some déjà vu. 
The first look is easily the most comfortable I’ve ever felt in a sundress. It’s not clingy, there’s no shapewear needed and there was plenty of room in the top half. Typically with dresses like this it’s a snug on the girls, but we were doin’ good! The length wasn’t an issue for me either. I’m 5’10 and I had 4in wedges on and I didn’t feel exposed.


Dress(3) | Sunglasses | Shoes | Bracelet

Because I loved the Barbie crochet top soooo much (I’ve literally worn it twice since shooting these looks last weekend), I had some extra bottoms that I wanted to pair it with. The first is a black denim skirt. I’ve never owned a denim skirt until now due to my own fears of how it would look on me because of my stomach, but I’m always down to wear something at least once. Again, I was shock at how good I felt in it. It has a soft stretch and it there three buttons at top instead of one so it’s not cutting into you or rolling down.
Top(3) | Skirt(22) | Shoes

The second bottoms are pair of Green Tea jeggings. I was prepared for them to be too short on me because they’re a regular, but the length was perfect. I’ve also stayed away from jeggings because I’ve had experiences where they’re too thin and they just showed too much. These however, have the stretch of leggings, with the quality of jeans. I like that the waist has stretch in it too and it has a three button closure.
 Jeggings(22) | Sunglasses-similar | Shoes

See the full Barbie Collection here and if you missed any of the looks from this week you can see each one below!

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday 

Photos by Travis Dandoy

*Sponsored by Barbie/Mattel*

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