One Piece

Hey budget babes! Today’s is going to be short and sweet! I recently picked up a swimsuit from Torrid’s new collection and I did something I’ve never done before…picked out a ONE PIECE. *Cue up horror movie music* Usually one-piece suits aren’t long enough and my torso looks like a giant bubble. 

Much to my surprise, I fell in love with it. This suit has 100% restored my faith in one-pieces. No joke. The length is great, there’s support for the girls. Like, A LOT of support. The mesh inserts show skin without showing skin.  The straps are also detachable if you feel like going strapless. The support is there so go for it! And don’t be freaked out by the color! A white swimsuit is the ultimate sexy poolside staple. 

Swimsuit Size 2

Photography by Travis Dandoy

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