34 Valentine’s Finds Under $50

Hey budget babes! So this post was created on a whim. Literally. I posted some affordable V-day dresses on Instagram and then I thought why am I not doing a post?!?! Jump to now and here we are! There is something for every style. Even if you don’t have a significant other that doesn’t mean you can still be bangin’ too! Enjoy!

Pro Tip: Click the photo to go the item

Shades of Red and Pink  




Florals and Prints- to keep it anything but boring.


Go Nude, kind of.


Low Key- For when you want to be comfy and sexy


Against the Grain- because you’re just not into red and pink, and that’s 100% okay!


These were just some of my favorite finds that are currently under $50. Things may change due to sales and what not. I’ve never done a post like this and I really like it so I think I’ll do more. Let me know what you guys think!


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