Down Time

I feel like sleek casual is my favorite way to dress. I have been told I do casual really well because it isn’t full blown casual like leggings and a sweat shirt. It’s more presentable and can be worn to more than the supermarket. I just really love being comfortable and that’s my style. I would never blog an outfit that I wouldn’t personally wear. Today’s posts is casual meets street wear and I’m absolutely in love with it. Enjoy!

The focus is more so in the top since I’ve blogged these jeans before(here). The top is from Pink Blush bash they’re a new brand!!! Never worn on the blog before. They have plus sizes, straight sizes and maternity! So there’s something for everyone. Top instantly caught my eye because well, black. But also because it has a hood, a zip in the front and the stripes on the arm give it fun sporty vibe. Once I got the top I was blown away by how it fits on my body. The sides are cut higher than the front and back and that’s my favorite kind of shirt. Since I have an hour glass shape just enhances it my waist looks smaller and my legs looks longer. It would do the exact same on any other shape too! I paired the top with white jeans, white heels, and a teal bag for a pop of color. 

Top(3x) | Jeans(22) | Shoes | Earrings | Bag- Similar
Photos by Travis Dandoy

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