Taming the Beast

When I first got this skirt from FTF I struggled because the only way you can really wear a cheetah skirt is wild and sexy, right? Wrong. I held on to it for a while because I wanted to make sure I did a good job at showing how versatile it could be. Two weeks later…this post. I’m not into print mixing just yet so in both look I wore a solid top. However, it’s the color and style of the top(and accessories) that can take this wild animal and domesticate it. Enjoy!

So the first look is the easiest. A fun sexy look with bold colors. The top is from Charlotte Russe and it the pictures don’t do it justice. The blue is so much more bright and beautiful in person. I’m a huge fan of cold shoulder tops and this one is my far my favorite one. There is little stretch in this top so may I suggest sizing up. I will say that where it lacks in stretch it makes up for in the sleeves. This top is chiffon and THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM FOR MY ARMS PEOPLE!!! It’s a miracle. That is my #1 struggle when it comes to long sleeves and I’ve never had an issue with Charlotte Russe. The chain is attached to shirt and clasps in the back like a necklace. 


                        Skirt(3) | Top(3x) | Shoes

This second look tones everything down and allows you to casually wear the skirt. I’m wearing a nice olive green top from Charlotte Russe because remember, I love their long sleeve tops. Although this top isn’t cold shoulder it does have some very delicate chain detail in the from and back, but it’s very soft. Since the color isn’t so in-your- face bright, it really calms down the skirt. I added a warm brown tote bag as well to add even more softness. 


                                  Top(3x) | Bag

Side note: I love doing these one items 2-3 different ways because I think it’s really important to know how to mix & match your current pieces since it saves you money. And that’s what I’m all about: smart with your money and great fashion. 

Photos by Travis Dandoy

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