White Christmas

Where I live, it’s nearly impossible to have a white Christmas, but I think I’ve created the perfect look to make up for a Christmas without snow. It’s my first all white look and it’s super festive.

My favorite part of this look is 100% the peplum top. I know people are ready for peplum to go way, but if they’re made like this I’m all here for it. I love that it’s a v-neck peplum since I haven’t seen too many of those. Also the fact that it has bat wing sleeves gives it an avant garde vibe. I paired the top with white jeans to balance out this fancy top. The jeans have some sequin details o the thigh which add a nice sparkle to get you in the Christmas spirit!


Style Breakdown

Top(3x)-Similar | Denim(22) | Clutch | Necklace | Shoes | Ring

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