Holiday 2015

Bundled up, kind of.

Living in Arizona means the heaviest piece of winter clothing you’ll wear is a sweatshirt and light scarf. Maybe that’s because I grew up in Michigan and I know what real Winters are like so 60 degrees to me, means swimming weather. However, there are those rare days here when it’s actually pretty chilly. On the bright side, it’s only cold in the mornings and during the evenings. During they day it’s a cool 65/70 degrees so a jacket isn’t necessary. That’s what today’s look about.  A look that will keep you warm when you need it and cool when you don’t. Oh and it’s work friendly!

The coat is soft and fleece lined for extra warmth and has a belt so your shape doesn’t lost and it comes in two other colors. The top is mock neck and very comfortable with great coverage around the arms making it perfect for work or a night out.


Style Breakdown

Coat(3) | Top(3) | Pants(3) | Clutch | Shoes

**All Items c/o FTF, all opinions are my own**

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