The Same Yet Different

Today’s post is one of my favorite kinds. I’m going to show you two different looks by mixing and matching different pieces. It’s a great way to get the most out of your clothes without spending a lot. The reason it’s one of my favs is because it’s something I already do on my own and it’s really easy to do. Each look is a casual with a blazer, jeans and a shirt, but I swap out a a few to make them slightly depending on your mood.

This first look is very basic and toned down. The colors are cool and light with a few pops of metal. Each piece is from Charlotte Russe, so you know it’s super affordable and right on trend. cr00cr04cr03cr06cr07

The second look is for my babes who lover sequins and glitter! Basically everyone, right. I kept the blazer and swapped out the jeans, top, shoes, and clutch. The color it still same, but the sequins amp everything up. Top is from DEB and the jeans are Fashion to Figure! It’s a fun blend of textures and fabrics.

deb10deb09 (2)deb11 (2)deb13 (2)deb12 (2)

Which look was your fav?? Are you a low key girl or a bright sequins girl? Depending on the day, I definitely both!

Style Breakdown

Look 1: Top | Blazer | Denim | Clutch | Shoes

Look 2: Top | Blazer | Denim | Clutch | Shoes | Necklace


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