One Black Dress, Three Beautiful Ways

Happy Friday!Today I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a really long time: show a few different ways to wear one piece of clothing. In this case it’s going to be a basic black midi dress. I will show you three ways to wear it for Fall. Notice how i’m recycling accessories from look to look to keep all three affordable.

  1. Down played. This look is very casual and chic without drawing too much attention. When I think of a black dress I automatically think all the sexiness. This look is still sexy, but a different kind of sexy. It leaves a lot to the imagination. The dress and sweater are from Fashion to Figure and most of the pieces in today’s look are. Because I didn’t want my curves getting lost in the sweater, I added a belt to bring back my shape.  red00red01

                                                                   Tie it around your waist in lieu of the belt


2. Class, class, class. *pinky up* This look can literally be worn for multiple evening occasions. Girls night, date night, holiday party, you name it. What takes this look from your standard all black to BAM! is the cape. There’s just something about a cape that makes you feel unstoppable, confident and I think everyone needs one.


3. The red coat. There’s not much to say except I felt so cozy in this coat. When it comes to coats I prefer trench coats over bulky coat. Main reason being the belt. I love my shape and I embrace every opportunity to show it off, therefore bulky winter coats are not my winter outerwear of choice.  To polish off this look I added a pearl necklace and a black tote.


Which look was your fav?

Style Breakdown

Dress(3) | Sweater(3) | Cape(3) | Red Coat(3) | Pearl necklace |

Boots | Silver shoes | Watch | Tote-similar

**All items c/o FTF. All opinions are my own**


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