Black x Grey ft. Charlotte Russe

As most of you know I live in Arizona and if you know that then you know it was 94 degrees this past weekend. Ninety. Four. Degrees. In the middle of October. I should actually still be doing swim posts if we’re basing this whole fashion blogging thing on the climate. But because I love you guys and I want to keep you as current as possible, I will stand in 94 degree weather wearing a sweater, faux leather leggings and suede boots. Just for you 🙂 

Get your life together, Arizona. End rant. 

Soooo where were we? Yes, I complained about the weather, but when the sun goes down this Charlotte Russe grey cold shoulder sweater is wearable. It’s actually perfect if you still experience warmer temps. The cold shoulders not only add a certain sexiness to this top, but they also let a nice breeze hit your skin. The fabric is ribbed, stretchy and NOT clingy. It’s hugs my curves perfectly. Bonus: the sleeve are long enough to pull down over my hands! 

The Faux leather leggings add a smooth sleek element to this look instead of edgy, which I love. What’s great about them is the faux leather is it’s only on the front of the leg. There’s a nice stretchy and breathable fabric on the back half of the leg. 

To top this look off I added a “lunch bag” style clutch and black suede booties. Enjoy!

Style Breakdown 

Sweater | 3x

Leggings | 3x




Thanks Jolene for photos 
**All items care of Charlotte Russe. All opinions are my own 

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