Leather Weather

Greetings! Today’s post is a little out the norm in the sense that it’s a very edgy looks for me. I figured with Fall weather quickly approaching, but it’s still warm out (at least it is in Arizona) why not post a nice simple transition look using  a bright summer color and Fall textures. 

Just a heads up you WILL be seeing the best and jeans in future posts. A). They are both very comfortable and B). They’re black. If you know me, then you know that I believe there’s no such thing as too much black in your wardrobe. The vest and shirt are both from Dia&Co and the denim is from Fashion to Figure. Oddly enough these are my first pair of black jeans. Safe to say I’m hooked. Back to Dia&Co. The vest is leather, but it’s not heavy. I repeat: it’s not heavy. I hate the feeling of leather pieces weighing me down; this vest does the exact opposite. The shirt is a nice this chiffon material with wrap detail in the front. It has great coverage around the arms and does a great job at concealing potenial food babies. The pictures obviously does not do justice as to how bright the shirt actually is. Tell your friends to have their sunglasses handy 😉 I think the whole look is the perfect blend of bright girly summer and edgy Fall. What do you think?

I polished the look off with a simple gold necklace. Enjoy!

Style Breakdown 

Vest | 20 | Dia&Co 

Shirt | 20 | Dia&Co 

Denim | 22 | Fashion to Figure -similar 

Necklace | Charlotte Russe

Shoes | Similar
Thanks Jolene for photos!! 

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