Tribal Vibes

Happy Monday! Today’s post is a look that’s perfect for anytime. Dinner, Drinks, shopping, you name it. It also features a pattern I’ve never worn before: Tribal Print. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy it! I feel like when it’s done correctly it can be very flattering.

The dress I’m wearing comes from Fashion to Figure and I’m absolutely in love. The fabric is stretchy, not clingy which I love. Nothing worse than a slinky dress that finds it’s way into every nook and cranny. I like that it’s 3/4 sleeves because it gives me the freedom of not wearing a jacket if I don’t want to. The jacket is also from FTF and is a definite Fall fashion MUST. The structure of the jacket is extremely flattering and the gold zippers and accents gives it a certain elegance. I finished off the look with a patent leather bag, which is actually very versatile! I’ve worn it with a few different looks and it ties into each one very well.




Style Break Down

Tribal Dress | 3x | FTF

Moto Jacket | 3x | FTF

Bag | FTF

Necklace | Charlotte Russe

Shoes | Similar

Hair extensions: Ultimate Hair Extensionz You guys, literally my favorite set of clip-ins I own. Mine are 22in and I have 2 sets in because my natural hair is extremely thick. I have not experienced and tangling and they’re so so soft!!!

Thanks Jolene for photos!


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