Bohemian Autumn | Featuring Charlotte Russe +

Today’s post is going to showcase a style I’ve NEVER tackled before because I’ve always felt that it just wasn’t me. I’m sleek and everything has to be tight. This look is exactly the opposite. It’s loose and carefree and it reminded me to relax. My life is literally go, go ,go all the time. Wearing this made me feel like I could chill out and breathe and just go with the flow. If this is what boho style is I can’t wait to try some more!

Since we are approaching Fall I wanted to show you that the Boho look isn’t just for summer. Now the the bohemian style has a lot of different components: layers, aztec patters, crochets, lace, flare. I could go on. This look I wanted to play up the patterns and layers. I never imagined a maxi and a duster would pair well together, but I was pleasantly surprised how well they work together. In the spirit of the changing weather the color scheme is darker with an emphasis on red. The dress is extremely comfortable, lightweight and actually very sexy! There is slip underneath in case you get caught in the wind! The duster is perfect because it offers coverage without being heavy. Being in AZ I basically never wear a coat and only ever need a light jacket. it;s safe to say you guys will see this duster again in the future!

Since the dress comes with the gold necklace I added a fringe bag to amp up the BoHo!



Ditch the duster to soak up the last of summer!

Resize06Resize09Resize08 Resize07

Style Breakdown

Dress | 3x | CR+

Duster | 2x | CR+

Earrings | CR+

Bag | CR+

Shoes | 10 | CR+ Similar

Thanks Jolene for photos!

*Items were provided courtesy of Charlotte Russe. All opinions are my own

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