Staycation | Part 2: Shopaholics

Welcome to part 2 of our 3 part Staycation Series. So just because we didn’t leave town doesn’t mean we can’t shop like we did! Saturday’s are for spending the afternoon shopping and lunching. With all the walking around we wanted to keep things chic and casual.

I opted for skinny jeans with a torn knee and a whole lot of stretch! I talked about how much I love these jeans in my Friday vibes post, which you can read [here]. To add to the casual vibe I chose a graphic tank that hangs beautifully and a black & studded jacket, which is actually very light and stretchy and will be PERFECT for fall. Since we spent the afternoon shopping I wore mall friendly shoes. || Also! See Part ! here! ||


See Jolene’s look [here!] It has all the fabulousness!!

Style Breakdown

Shirt | 3x | FTF

Jeans | 22 | FTF

Jacket | 3x | FTF

Necklace | Similar

Ring | FTF

Bag | FTF

Shoes | Similar

See our FULL story and so much more HERE on The Look of Fashion to Figure!

Clothes are c/o Fashion to Figure, all opinions are my own.

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