Sleek Office Monochromes

Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled day dreaming session at work, but I promise it’s for a good cause. Speaking of work, today I’m offering up some chic office inspiration because I recently realized I’ve never done an official work-wear look for you guys. Shame on me since that’s where I spend the majority of my days Monday – Friday. That said, I absolutely believe that just because you work in an office does NOT mean you have to dress like Phyllis from The Office (no offense Phyllis). As a plus size individual you should always have the freedom express yourself through fashion no matter what setting you’re in. With a lot of companies tapping into their plus size audience, we now have more options than ever.And it’s freaking awesome! Okay, back on track. As you all know my style is ultra sleek with a handful of sexy; I live and die by black, white and grey. So naturally my office attire is all the above, except with just a dash of sexy. Gotta keep it professional.

The look I’m wearing is what I actually wore to work on Monday and the photos were taken when I got off. Because I believe black is a power color I have no problem wearing all black to work. However, I wanted to sass this look up a bit so I added a crisp white blazer with black trim. Nothing says sleek like a well fitted blazer. This blazer is from Fashion to Figure and is super stretchy. I got a size 3, but would have been comfortable sizing down. Being that I do live in Arizona, sunglasses are a MUST. So I reached for my sexiest pair from Sunglass Warehouse where all sunglasses are $20 or LESS!!  To polish everything off I stepped into my new favorite pointy-toe heels. I got the from Payless on clearance so they not be available everywhere, but I will link a similar shoe in the Style Breakdown.They are incredibly sparkly AND comfortable.

Now if only I could click my heels together 3 times and go home 😉

white regresizeresize5white6resize4resize3Now get out there and show your office what you’re made of! And what a snappy dresser you are! Also, I will definitely try to do more work wear posts going forward because a little diversity never hurt anyone, right?

Style Breakdown

Blazer | size 3 | Fashion to Figure

Pants | Similar | Extra sleek?

Shirt | Similar | Color?

Bracelets | Fashion to Figure

Shoes | Similar

Sunglasses | Sunglass Warehouse | Similar

Necklace | Similar

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Photos by Lemon Heart Photography

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