Neon Dream

Do you ever find that one piece of clothing that fits like a dream? What about two pieces? And they’re NEON. Yes. I’m talking about a neon bikini! If you don’t want to have the hottest swimsuit at any pool party I suggest you do not wear this…But who would want that? However a year ago you wouldn’t catch me in a two-piece or even a swimsuit or taking full-body pictures in one. It was shorts and t-shirt. I didn’t want to be noticed let alone be anywhere near a pool where less clothes is basically mandatory. When you live in Arizona though, that’s not the best life choice.

I decided I needed to start living for me and I wanted to enjoy the summers. I wanted to enjoy by body. When you feel less than, people will see you that way too. Sitting in the corner in my t-shirt didn’t make me any more invisible. People could still see me so why not give them something to look at? It was then that I decided to take control and I made the choice to be seen. I chose to love myself, all of it. Every inch, every curve, every dip. So what’s a better attention grabber than a neon swimsuit?

swim1 (2)swim4swimswim6 

 Now get out there and enjoy your summer!

Style Breakdown

Top | Similar (and it’s a matching set!)

Bottoms | Similar | Matches top

Skirt | Here

Sunglasses | Sunglass Warehouse | Here

All photos taken by Lemon Heart Photography 

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