Curvy Little Liars | Aria Montgomery 2.0

Happy Friday lovelies! As #PLLWeek comes to a close I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did! I wanted to dome something super fun for the Summer Premier since it’s basically the only show I live for(it’s my NOT guilty pleasure). Since my original Curvy Little Liars post was a hit, I figured it would be a perfect way to kick off the new season. That being said, periodically through the season I will be doing more Curvy Little Liars posts since it seems like you guys loved them so much- thank you! My goal was to show you that Rosewood fashion can be worn on ANY body. To inspire you rock your favorite Liar’s style and show off your curves in the process! While the clothes may not be exactly what they were wearing, I was more-so emphasizing their individual style and how to put an outfit together to achieve your favorite one without breaking the bank.

 So we are wrapping up the week with my favorite Gothic Cupcake(see original post!): Aria Montgomery. Since Aria’s style is a little darker and funkier than the rest of the girls I chose a matching crop top and skirt set from Fashion to figure. But wait, did you wear that top for Spencer too? Yes I did, I’m on a budget ya’ll! Hey, sometimes you have to wear the same a different way, in this case the crop top was perfect for Spencer and Aria. Since a lot of her looks draw attention to her waist so I paired the set with a peplum jacket with leather trim to amp up the edgy factor. When it comes to accessories, she is anything but typical, so obviously the perfect necklace is one made of feathers. Yes, feathers. And just because she enjoys black white films doesn’t mean her look needs to be. I topped the look off with my favorite bright necklace.


Thanks again for joining me during my favorite week of the year and I hope these looks inspire you to channel your inner Liar. Also! Don’t forget to follow the Pretty Little Liars stylist on Instagram @ mandiline for all things PLL Fashion.

Want Aria’s Look?

Crop Top | Fashion to Figure | Here

Skirt | Fashion to Figure | Here

Jacket | Similar

Shoes | Similar

Feather Necklace | Similar | Want some color?

Bright Necklace | Similar

*                        *                          *

LET’S RECAP THE WEEK!  A lot the clothes featured came from Fashion to Figure, which goes to show whether it’s glam, collegiate, athletic, or edgy; they’ve got you covered.

Which look was your favorite?



Love these themed weeks and want to see more??  Leave a comment letting me know what you want to see on the blog! Have a happy and safe weekend everyone!

All photos taken by Lemon Heart Photography

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